The establishment act of the C.S.V.V.A. (Centro Studi Volo a Vela Alpino – Alpine Gliding Research Center), an interprovincial legal body, federated to the Italian Aero Club, dates back to July 1960.
Two years later A.V.A.L. (Aero Club Volovelistico Alta Lombardia – Northern Lombardy Gliding Club) was established.
What nowadays is the biggest national gliding club, was born.
Started by a dozen members core, today it reckons more than 230 pilot members and a flight school that licences from twenty to thirty pilots a year.
On October, 24th 1998 A.V.A.L. changed to A.C.A.O. that means Aero Club Adele Orsi, honouring the Varese’s champion Adele Orsi, born Mazzucchelli (1928-1998).
Gliding (not only the Varese one) ought to her, besides its achievement and development that supplied national sport with champions and victories, a row of prestigious prizes and personal achievements both nationals and internationals.
Therfore Calcinate’s airfield was the place, starting point and landmark, around wich Varese’s gliding could finally strengthen his vocation for more and more agonistic exploits.
The airport was opened on March 25th, 1962.
The name chosen for the airport was the one of who has designed and built it: Paolo Contri that passed away on December, 9th 1961.
Many champions grew up in Calcinate. Among them and besides Adele Orsi, the recordmen Walter Vergani, Roberto Monti, Attilio Pronzati , Vittorio Colombo, Corrado Costa, Luciano Avanzini, Alberto Sironi, Margherita Acquaderni all of them holders of important titles.
Calcinate field, admired by glider pilots from all over the world, is considered as one of the most beautiful in Europe for the beauty of its surrounding landscape, located as it is between the hills and the lake with Campo dei Fiori as a background. The place, in the heart of the lake district, is absolutely enchanting with a wonderful view on the Alps.
You can get there from Milan by highway and state road in 30 minutes drive. It’s a friendly environment. Dynamism, sporting, atmosphere, all nice people.
There is a warm club life. For you, your family, the children.
Club house, restaurant, bar, billiard, camping and the lake a step away.
Please come, we are waiting for you…