On Sunday 13 Novembre our traditional trip to Alzate Brianza airfield took place. Aimed at newly minted pilots undergoing 2nd Period training, it’s designed to get them acquainted in flight with an airport other than our base and to get familiar with its traffic patterns, altitudes and a different local environment.
The 2nd period group organized this mission to advance the knowledge for those looking to either accomplish badge flights next season or just fly beyond Calcinate’s safety cone..
The mission involved two K21s that flew there, 15 participating pilots (G.Zanon, R.Manzotti, C.Vaccari, M.Salvetti, E. Fogagnolo, M.Petrani, P.Mariani, M.Di Tanno, L.Binda, F.Grillo, M.Borbonese, A. Cassano, M.Magri, D.Albrecht and R.Blech) together with instructor/tutors P.Magnaghi, M.Stefanon, M.Menegotto, N.Zardin, E.Provvidone and C.Alluvion, meaning a total of 14 flights.
Many thanks to the Lariano Gliding Club (AVL) of Alzate Brianza for their hospitality.