X-Italy 2016

25 May

The last stage of the “X-Italia 2016, on finished on Saturday, 21 May. (editor’s note “X” is pronounced “cross”) in conjunction with “Sailplane Grand-Prix” at Varese). “X-Italy 2016” is the year 0 (zero) for a new form of gliding competition, strongly supported by the Aero Club of Italy (AeCI) and organized by the flying club […]

25 May

First Task Pavullo nel Frignano – Alzate Brianza   The final day of “X-Italy 2016”, we depart from Pavullo for Alzate Brianza, and another challenge crossing the Po Valley. Initially conditions were good, with 2,000m cloud-bases and the pilots achieved good average speeds over the first 50 km stretch. On arrival in the Po Valley […]

21 May

Airfield “Il Gabbiano”, San Vincenzo (Livorno). The theme of the day seem trivial, it is simply to fly a task route of about 40 km over the water. We fly from “Il Gabbiano” to Piombino and on to the Island of Elba!   What’s more, the day is “seasoned” with steady 25 kt wind from […]

20 May

Last day in Pavullo nel Frignano (MO) – Day 4 The fourth day of “X-Italia” leaves no space for anything other than exhibition, entertainment, soaring flight and pure satisfaction.   The day starts early, at 07:30 with the three gliders made ready for repeat performance of the display, but this time in the skies above […]

19 May

Pavullo Frignano Airport (Modena) – Day 3 The goal of the third day is our in flight exhibition for the “Giro d’Italia” (cycling event)”.   The three gliders were ready at the launch-point by 10:00 and the pilots prepared for the rehearsal of our display at Sestola, the finish line of the tenth stage of […]

18 May

Pavullo Frignano Airport (Modena) – Day 2 The second day proved to be a challenge as the weather conditions were very poor; low level spread-out with a constant threat of rain. Not a day for a task, so it was declared a rest day!   As things turned out, our day rest turned out to […]

17 May

First task Calcinate del Pesce – Airfield Airport (Kong) -Airfield Cremona A good start to the race for our competitors and the SILENT 2 Electro. The three self-launching gliders departed from Calcinate (VA) at about 12:15, just prior to launch of the Sailplane Grand Prix Qualifier with Cremona airport as their first destination.  The routing […]

14 May

What is it? “X-Italy 2016” is an entirely new type of gliding competition, being trialed for the first time in the gliding world, and conducted in Italy. There are several aspects of the competition to differentiate this with conventional gliding competitions. First and foremost, all the gliders are equipped with an electric motor and are […]