High Performance Training – Blue Week

ACAO – Calcinate del Pesce (VA) – April 30th – May 6th 2017

The exceptional meteorological conditions in the alpine and pre-alpine area offered at the Adele and Giorgio Orsi Airport and the ACAO organision skills for gliding are already well known throughout the gliding world. Each year during April and May Calcinate offers the opportunity of serious competitive flights. This includes European and many Italian records for distance and speed, FAI badges and diplomas up 1.250km, free flights of 1,000km and occasionally over 1.600 km.


To allow all glider pilots to hone their skills for competitive flights (for badges, diplomas and records), from April 30th to May 6th 2017 (Settimana Azzura / Blue Week) ACAO will make available its airfield with its organisation, equipment and staff.


During Blue Week, in addition to ACAO personel, there will be at least one pilot from the Italian National Team. Participants will therefore have ground support and advice for every need (i.e. flight zone, outlandings, turning points and daily task, takeoff and task departure times etc.).
There will be a met briefing each morning. A tailored daily task will be suggested to each pilot based on individual goals. In addition to the flight line, the Vol a Vela restaurant and ACAO bar will be open all week.


Blue Week is open to pilots of all gliding levels with a 2017 FAI sporting card and their own glider*. However, as in-flight assistance is not guarantied, we recommend that pilots should already have a Silver ‘C’ badge and adequate flying experience.
During the week there could be a chance to fly with expert pilots in high performance two seaters*.

To sum it up the week will be dedicated those interested in:

  • Achieving new sporting badges and, (why not?) new records;
  • Increasing your mountain flying skills;
  • Gaining significant experience and measuring against expert pilots;
  • Committing one week in the best Alpine weather conditions in the company of friends in a well equipped and organised club.

The cost of participation in Blue Week is €100 for ACAO members and for pilots in the junior national category and €200 for other pilots. For towing costs check the ACAO prices listed on acao.it.


Pilots intending to participate in Blue Week are asked to notify this as soon as possible by email to segreteriaeventi@acao.it headed Partecipazione SAP 2017 with the following information: name, address, phone number, aeroclub, glider type, call sign and any other requests.


* ACAO single seaters will be available only to club members (to be agreed with the office). In other words it will not be possible for non members to rent them. Both ACAO DuoDiscus can be used by non members under the following conditions:

  • Between Monday and Friday only (not at the w/e);
  • With an ACAO member on board;
  • The non member pilot will be charged €150 per flying day (excluding towing);
  • Assignment of both two seaters will be made on a first come, first served basis.