SAP – High Performance Stage

ACAO – Calcinate del Pesce (VA)  •  April 18th – 24th 2021


The exceptional weather conditions, the mixture of alpine and foothills flight area, the structures of the Adele and Giorgio Orsi Airport and the organizational skills of ACAO are now known to gliding pilots from all over the world. Spring flights of high sporting value with take-off from ACAO are countless. Among these, some European records, numerous Italian distance and speed records, all FAI insignia up to the 1,250 km diploma, numerous flights of over 1,000 km, including the first 1,000 km in FAI triangle declared with take-off from Italy, up to arrive at flights of over 1,600 km. To allow all glider pilots to take on their challenge flights (insignia, distance and records), from 18 to 24 April ACAO offers its airport with its organization, its equipment and its staff.


Every day of the High Performance Stage (SAP), in addition to ACAO staff, some pilots of the Italian Team will be present. While in-flight assistance is not guaranteed, the participating pilots will have a constant reference on the ground for every need or advice (flight area, outlandings, turning points and task of the day, time of take-off and start of the task, etc.). The weather briefing will take place every morning (in presence or online according to the anti Covid provisions in force) with suggestions to pilots on the day tasks according to the different individual objectives. Where possible, de-briefings will also be held in the evening for the analysis of the flights made and / or to deal with topics of interest to sport pilots. In addition to the flight activity, the Volo a Vela restaurant and the ACAO Bar will also be active throughout the week (anti Covid measures permitting).
The SAP is dedicated to sport pilots of all levels with a glider and a valid FAI sporting licence. However, participation to the SAP is recommended to pilots who have already achieved at least their Silver Badge and who have already gained a good mountain flying experience (participation to other stages and / or competitions and at least 300 km flown). During the week there may also be the opportunity for participants to fly with experienced pilots on high-performance two-seat gliders (Duodiscus Acao or two-seater of private pilots)*.
Summarizing, the SAP is dedicated to those who want:

  • to achieve new sports insignia or diplomas and, why not, new records;
  • to broaden your knowledge of the Alpine flying territory and increase your flying pace;
  • to train for the participation in speed and / or distance races;
  • to acquire a new significant flight experience, talking with experienced pilots;
  • to simply dedicate to one of the most meteorologically promising weeks in the Alps, to fly in company of friends who share the same passion, in a very well equipped and organized club.

Costs and procedure to participate

The SAP participation fee consists of a fee of € 180.00 per glider and a fee of € 50.00 (+ € 40.00 for the brand new SAP thermal wiastcoat**) per pilot.
Pilots under the age of 26 enjoy a benefit of a 50% discount on the above fees. The participation fee is not divisible and must be paid by Saturday 17 April (by bank transfer or directly to the ACAO secretariat). The current ACAO price list (published on will be applied to the cost of towing and must be paid by the end of the flight week.
Pilots wishing to participate in the SAP are requested to book by sending an email as soon as possible to In the email, with the object SAP participation, it is sufficient to report the following data: name, date of birth, address, telephone, Aeroclub, glider, registration marks, size for the thermal waistocoat and any other special requests.

Gruppo SAP
*To fly on a private two-seater glider, it will be necessary to agree directly with the pilots who own their gliders.
**Available until stocks are exhausted; the usb power bank that powers the gilet is not included and pilots are advised to bring their own.