SAP – High Performance Stage

ACAO – Calcinate del Pesce (VA)  •  April 21th – 27th 2019


IMG_2844The exceptional weather conditions, the flying area (alpine and piedemont), the structures of the Adele and Giorgio Orsi Airport and the organizational skills of ACAO are now very well known to glider pilots around the world. Particularly, several flights of high sport value are made, taking off from Calcinate each year in spring time. These include some European records and numerous Italian distance and speed records, all the FAI badges untile the 1,250 km diploma, numerous flights over 1000 km up to exceptional flights over 1,600 km.
To allow all glider pilots to try goals (badges, long distances and records), from 21st to 27th April (SAP), ACAO makes its airport available with its organization, its planes and its personnel.


Every day of the SAP, in addition to the ACAO staff, there will be at least one pilot belonging to the Italian national team. Even if flight assistance is not guaranteed, the participating pilots will have a constant ground reference for every need or advice (flight area, outlandings, turning points and task of the day, time of take-off and start time of the task, etc.). Every morning a weather briefing will take place with suggestions to the pilots on the daily tasks according to the different individual objectives. In addition to the airfield staff, the Volo a Vela restaurant and the ACAO Bar will also be operating throughout the whole week. The High Performance Stage (SAP) is dedicated to sport gliders at all levels with the FAI 2019 sporting licence and, possibly, their own glider (conditions for the possible use of the ACAO fleet gliders are reported below).
However, participation in the SAP is recommended to pilots who have already achieved at least the Silver badge and who have already gained a good experience in mountain flying (participation in other stages and/or competitions and at least 300 km flown). During the week there could also be an opportunity for participants to fly with experienced pilots on performing two-seater gliders* (Duodiscus of the Acao or two-seater of private pilots) at the conditions specified below.
Ultimately, the SAP is dedicated to those who want:

  • to achieve new badges and, why not, new records;
  • to expand your knowledge of the Alpine flying area and increase your speed pace;
  • to train for participation in speed and distance races;
  • to acquire new significant flight experiences, comparing your skills with the ones of with experienced pilots;
  • to simply dedicate one of the most meteorologically promising weeks in the Alps to fly with friends in a very well-equipped and organized club.

Costs and procedure to participate

The fee to participate in the SAP with your own glider is € 200.00. Acao members and glider pilots under 26 can take advantage of a € 100.00 discount. Discounts are cumulative. The participation fee must be entirely paid by Saturday 20 April (by bank transfer or directly to the ACAO secretariat). Towing costs will be the ones of the ACAO price list (published on and must be paid by the end of the flight week.
Pilots who wish to participate in the SAP are requested to book by sending an email to as soon as possible. In the email, with object participation SAP, it is sufficient to report the following data: name, date of birth, address, telephone, Aeroclub, glider, registration marks and any eventual request.

* Conditions for the possible use of the gliders of the ACAO fleet or of private individuals

The available ACAO single seaters gliders can be used in the week only by Acao members.


The ACAO duodiscus may instead be used by both Acao members and non-Acao members who may have previously requested them, under the following conditions:

  • at least one of the two pilots on board must be an Acao member;
  • the pilot who books an Acao two-seater will have to find the expert pilot/partner. The organization of the SAP will try to make a list of experienced available pilots to facilitate this research;
  • the cost, in addition to towing, is equal 4 “stamps” per flight in weekdays and 8 “stamps” per flight in non-working days.
  • any eventual reservation must be made in the secretariat, paying the booked days. At the end of the week the fee paid for any non-volatile days of the week will be credited back;
  • unless otherwise agreed between the pilots, to be communicated at the request of the glider, the cost of the glider will be charged to the pilot who requested it;
  • the assignment of the two-seater available will be made with a “first come first served” rule.

To fly on private double-seaters it is necessary to agree everything directly with the owner of the glider.