Nando Broggini, for more than 40 years an instructor and vital support for Calcinate has suddenly left us. We remember him for his professionalism and humanity and for all that he taught us during those years.
Deeply grateful we remain close to his son. His friends want to express memories like these:-
We can’t remember Nando without a heavy heart. One remembers Nando with tears and from the heart.
For those who knew him, his painful journey was only slightly mitigated by being so appreciated.
A simple and touching ceremony, appropriate for how he was.
In addition in the work place and as a citizen he will always be remembered for being a real gentleman.There are very few people like that around.
My memories; while going far back, are still very much alive. Lara and I are grateful for everything he passed on.
Very sad. Even when he ‘kept mum’, he taught us to fly and acted like a mother hen after we were licenced. He was a great instructor, you could say unique! Cheers Nando.
I’m so sad. Nando represented for me the ideal “chief pilot” for a world-renowned and high level gliding club and school. Always smiling, ready for impromptu adventures (in the 1980s he was the first to tow in wave – even in calm surface winds – at six in the morning), I never saw him deny flying to somebody that showed up late or in difficult conditions, never saw him raise his voice, not even to answer BS. If we say that Adele was the gliding spirit at Calcinate, Nando was her hands, her real executor. I thought they were both immortal…
The news is very sad, he was absolutely central to our pre-licence training and later. We will always remember him.
Peter & the corbach
Truly sad news.You are right Peter, he was a central figure during training and also later… I will always remember him with affection and am grateful he taught me to fly. When I speak with friends who knew him I tell them he was the best teacher I ever had. A great loss.
I am very sorry, I also gained my licence when he was central to ACAO; he said little but was always right…
He was absolutely a historic backbone in Calcinate. Along with many others, he taught me to fly together with Antonio and I cannot express it in words. Just fond memories of him.
It was at least 25 years ago when one spring morning, quite early, Nando towed me in a very strong wind in the ASW20 I-GHES. I remember well that the tow was so turbulent that the tug plane disappeared from sight on several occasions.We eventually reached Laveno downwind from Sasso del Ferro and hadn’t managed to climb higher than half the height of the crest (around 700m QNH). The intention was to arrive with the tug upwind of Mt. Nudo, passing over Laveno. Back then this was standard procedure.
Suddenly almost over the town the tug rocked its wings more violently than previously. Thinking that he wanted me to release, I reflected for a second and did. I won’t tell you what altitude I passed over Laveno before I could use the violent dynamic lift from Mt.Nudo but it certainly taught me something.
On my return that evening after a great flight, which I no longer remember,r I saw Nando coming towards me incandescent with anger and he started having a go at me and said that I had been a fool to release in that situation. I shyly explained that that I had thought he wanted me to release at which he thundered ”Remember this: I will never leave a glider I am towing in that situation. Never!”
That’s how it was and I will always remember the philosophy of not leaving a colleague without giving him all the help possible.