14 Jul

This year again! We are going to propose the “Brutti & Buoni”, an event for less experienced pilots who will fly team with an experienced one on fixed tasks (short ones in the Pedemont) . There will be daily and an overall results. The dates are 6th and 7th of September , the 14th will […]

07 Jul

Last weekend some pilots enjoyed flying with an old Berfalke II I-EVAM. At least 4 pilots in command have enjoyed the Vintage flight. If you want to know more just visit the blog pilotidellegno.blogspot.it.

02 Jul

Next Saturday and Sunday, weather permitting, we will fly vintage! Here is the schedule: Saturday rigging I-EVAM and flying Saturday and Sunday with I-EVAM and K7. On Sunday night, derigging For those who want to come, to assemble, disassemble and fly, we ask you please to communicate your presence to organize and train crews. We […]

02 Jul

9th edition of our yearly stage in Masera! This trip is devoted to the pilots of the “second period” but it is open to all who wish to spend a different weekend I remind you that the days in Masera end up with pleasant evenings that allow pilots to increase their involvement into the great […]

30 Jun

Today, June 30, ACAO HAS recorded several great flights made by our members. Paul Riccardi declared O/ R 500km along with Alberto Consolini and Paolo Gervasini; Gianni Maiocchi declared 300km triangle. Gianluca Tronconi 587 kilometers and several other very nice flights…   Congratulations to all!

29 Jun

On Saturday, June 28th, the third edition of the dinner devoted to our tow plane plitos was held . They are, in a tireless up and down.which deserves our gratitude for the passion and professionality they have any time they take off allowing us to enjoy our flights, long or short they are, THANK YOU […]

28 Jun

On Saturday one of the most important roses was added into our “hall of fame” . It is devoted to the World Women’s two-seater Record on the O/R distance of 546 km, held in April 27, 1976 by Adele Orsi together with Mina Monti who planting herself the rose. Gianni, Adele and Giorgio’s son, was […]