After the success of the Grand Prix World Final in 2015, ACAO is ready to host the 2016 Italian Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix, from May 15th to 21st.
The unofficial training start on May, 12th, while the day of 14/5 will be dedicated to official training. More informations are available on website.
This year the Italian SGP will also be valid as 18m Italian Championship.


Here is the list of pilots entered the stage of the Sailplane Grand Prix Varese 2016:


Russell CheethamGBRJS1 C
Peter HartmannAUTASG 29E
Luciano AvanziniITAASG 29E
Mike YoungGBRASG 29E
Giorgio GalettoITAVentus 2cxa
Alberto SironiITAVentus 2 cxt
Boštjan PristavecSLOJS1
Thomas GostnerITAASG 29E
Ugo PavesiITAASG 29E
Jon GatfieldGBRASG 29E
Alois BaumgartnerITAVentus 2cxm
Luka ŽnidaršičSLOVentus 2cxa FES
Alberto TestaITAVentus 2cxa
Alessandro VillaITAVentus 2ct
Pino Dal GrandeITAVentus 2cxm
Ugo RaffaelliITAVentus 2cxt
Chris LutonGBRASG 29E
Aldo PigniITAASG 29
Gustavo SaurinARGLS8 18 t
Sergi PujolESPLak 17b