This year too, we managed to organize our Open Day appointment, even if in a somewhat reduced formula due to COVID. Thanks to our collaborators who are always ready to participate, to our ladies of the bar, to the many volunteers, to the pilots, to the helpers on the grid, to the instructors who still managed to devote to the school and to DOV ad interim Alberto Balducci who directed the day in the maximum safety, the day went on in great serenity and harmony. The flow of visitors was constant throughout the day, certainly lower in the morning when the sky was overcast. The sun certainly encouraged people to leave their houses. The flights offered this year were only on the glider and there were a dozen of them. Not many, but of quality since a couple of passengers expressed the desire to start the course to obtain the license. Several people were really interested in our world and fascinated by our wonderful and very rich museum. The solution at the bar was excellent, without direct access, but with service and drink only outside. Great was the sale of T-shirts, too and various items, conducted by our talented ladies. Thanks to Flavio Tebaldi, the 11 times hang gliding World Champion Manfred Ruhmer came to visit us with his son Thomas with his electric motorized hang glider and a wonderful 1 to 3 scale Quintus an amount , more than satisfactory for a year like this one.
Thanks again to everyone and see you next time !!!! In 2021 ACAO will turn 60 …… .. get ready 😉



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