2nd Vintage Glider Meeting Plinio Rovesti 2016

11th- 18th June 2016, Calcinate del Pesce (Varese)


VGM-2016ACAO (Aero Club Adele Orsi) is very glad to invite you to the 2nd Vintage Glider Meeting Plinio Rovesti 2016 which is taking place at ACAO, Adele and Giorgio Orsi Airport in Calcinate del Pesce (Varese) from 11th to 18th June, 2016.
Our Aero Club is located in a beautiful area near the Lake Maggiore and very close to the Alps and has a large grass runway used for aero tow operations.
Hangar space is available only for a limited number of rigged gliders, especially for gliders with difficulties in rigging and de-rigging but this has to be agreed previously.
The bar of the Club can offer breakfast, sandwiches, beverages and ice creams. There is also a restaurant where it will be possible to have lunches and dinners.
Inside the airport there is also a nice, not very big camping site and in this touristic region many hotels and B&Bs are available.
You can find tourist information at http://www.vareselandoftourism.com.
We ask you kindly to register as soon as possible at segreteriaeventi@acao.it.
We are looking forward to seeing you at ACAO.