acao50In 1961, thanks to the Orsi Mazzucchelli family, a gliding airport was built in Calcinate del Pesce, on the shore of Lake Varese, later named after Adele and Giorgio Orsi.
acao50.1Here the activity of the Vergiate Group moved, and was joined by the one of the Venegono Group and, in part, that of AVM (Milanese Flying Association).
At the end of the 1950s it was evident that the future of gliding over the fields of Vergiate and Venegono was in fact compromised.
In the two Aeroclubs, powered flight was more and more prevalent, causing some misunderstanding between the two activities and the air spaces were increasingly regulated for the needs of civil air traffic by limiting and preventing the high altitude flights of gliders.
People began to think about the need to have a field near the mountains, away from controlled airspace for the exclusive use of gliding.
acao60.2It was a seemingly impossible dream but, as sometimes happens, even dreams can become true.
Adele and Giorgio Orsi had recently obtained the gliding license in Vergiate, they fell in love with this sport and managed to turn that impossible dream into reality in a short time.
An area was identified on the north shore of Lake Varese consisting of little cultivated fields, very humid and with the presence of very few mulberry trees no longer used.
Since then 60 years have passed and a thought of deep gratitude arises spontaneously towards Adele and Giorgio and their children, who still today wish to continue to support the project carried out by their parents.
Let’s celebrate this important birthday together!