25 Jan

We were delighted to welcome a group of Second Period pilots from Alzate who, together with their tutor returned the visit we paid them back in November. They flew in with one of their K21 and we made our D-2153 available for them to practice takeoff and landing in a place other than their home […]

24 Jan

On Sunday 22nd Jonathan Zara and Carlo Lombardi completed their first solo flight and were then handed out to the infamous ACAO washing team headed (as usual) by the merciless Carlos. The treatment applied to the pair is depicted below… Congratulations to both student pilots for a well deserved achievement!

17 Jan

The Second Period lesson on outlandings was usefully supplemented with a “practical” session on the simulator, where some realistic situations were recreated for the students to handle. Once again this amazing tool allowed the participants to tackle an unfamiliar situation without the stress of the real thing. Thanks again to the Second Period tutors that […]

16 Jan

Alessandro Clerici and Paolo Massera both accepted the challenge of taking their flight exam in Alzate airfield, where neither of them had ever flown before. They both passed brillantly ! Congratulations to both for the achievement and now… the real fun begins!

16 Jan

On Thursday evening snow started to fell on Calcinate and the weekend offered this sight:

24 Dec

We wish a Happy Holidays season to all members and remind them that the Aero Club Adele Orsi will remain closed until December 31th 2016.   ACAO activity will resume as usual on January 1st 2017.   Best wishes and see you soon !  

12 Dec

The patron saint of the Italian Air Force and of all airmen is Our Lady of Loreto whose holiday falls on December 10. We also celebrated that anniversary with our traditional walk uphill Mt. Campo dei Fiori. Due to other obligations, this year’s ascent was split into separate groups over several days, although all shared […]