The soaring expedition Calcinate-Sotos-Calcinate has completed its tour yesterday, 14 July, landing at ACAO having staged through La Cerdania and then Saint Auban.

July 11th, a beautiful 750km flight from Sotos
Alberto and Lorenzo taking off at 13.30 in the Nimbus. Very strong conditions over the flatlands, becoming stronger as time passes. Landing at 19.45 but there was energy and light to continue flying until 21.30!
July 12th, first stage of the return journey
We decided to start the return flight into Italy. Rain is forecast over the Pyrenees and in France and therefore we decided to make the first stage only as far as the Pyrenees.
With a runway at1000m elevation, a high temperature and a cross wind it was decided to use an auto-tow to supplement the gliders engine. It worked brilliantly!
We climbed to 3000m above the field; 4000m at 50km from the field, then wave, then a150km glide with a favourable wind then a sea breeze. Conditions were so good that the pilots decided to carry on to la Cerdania, landing there shortly before at 18.00
July 13th, second return stage (La Credania-Saint Auban)
Met forecast for strong winds from the NW over France and the Alps.

The two seater crews (Alberto-Antonio and Vittorio-Quintarelli) were ready for takeoff. So are Aldo and Margot but they finally and prudently decided to leave the Arcus (with neither an engine nor a trailer) at La Cerdania.
Both gliders soon caught the wave, leaving the valley towards France. Then everyone in wave until crossing the Rhône Valley in the vicinity of Montélimar. The only difficulty of this wonderful flight was catching the uplift while flying low upwind of Mt. Ventoux in winds exceeding 70 km/h
July 14th, last stage (Saint Auban – Calcinate)
foto2Strong wind from the NW over all the Alps. Met briefing advised us that flight in Italy will only be possible in wave above clouds. Overcast sky to the N and E in the morning is gradually clearing after a few hours.
Towards midday saw Vittorio and Aldo departing in the Nimbus. They didn’t catch the wave but the sky got nicer and allowed them to easily continue to Monginevro. They landed at Calcinate before 17.00.
Antonio however preferred not to face another day with strong winds, especially with his glider’s weak air brakes. His team therefore ends the trip by road with the minivan. At 18.30 the team met again at ACAO to celebrate the successful expedition, share their first impressions of the great experience just concluded and to table the first ideas about the next expedition.