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It’s not possible to talk about A.C.A.O. not remembering that today’s and tomorrow’s certainties are and will ever be grounded on the inheritance of perceptions, solutions, interventions and style that Adele and Giorgio Orsi, with absolute discretion and endless munificence shared with Varese’s gliding reality.
Giorgio and Adele, establishing Calcinate, where able to listen, and exceed the few enthusiasts impossible dream, making them true.
Without them, personal and sport achievements of many of us would not have been possible; we have always been aware of that, and not by any chance, from the day when some of us knew the “Orsi” , we started to love them by the way they put themselves at our level, young among young, willing to fully live the fraternity and the heart pureness of the flying people; to have offered their incommensurable generosity, showing it as a simple service.
Adele devoted herself with rigid discipline, readying herself with strong, quiet and constructive meticulousness while performing any activity. Extraordinary pilot, flying never breaking the rules, first of all the safety compliance.
Giorgio, wise entrepreneur, respected innovator, tireless intermediary, enthusiast pilot, has always been a sound leader for years.
It’s up to us now to carry on with success the sport activity, offering a highly professional service to all members, knowing how much friendship matters and being strongly close to each other when facing problems. We will keep in our heart the gifts and the lessons learned from Giorgio and Adele, sportsmen and enthusiast pilots, always ready to give a hand to all club members, ready to welcome other club’s and foreign pilots
It’s our strong intention and desire to take along, not only in a formal way, what we received today in the name of gratitude, thankfulness and love that ties and will tie us together, forever.

The ACAO members