Following Andrea Ferrero’s lesson and the traditional Mass said by club member Fr. Adriano Sandri, the day ended with the annual member’s dinner where people gather to relive the key moments of the closing year. After a welcome address from the local civil authorities, the evening opened with a remembrance of Nando Broggini and Sergio Noce who sadly passed away during the year. Then the numerous sporting achievements of our members were listed, starting with the CSVVA Championship.
Our Operations Director teamed with FI Alberto Balducci to hand over their “C Badge” to the newly minted pilots, along with some Silver Badges and Gold badges.
“Diamonds Badge” along with winners in various class of Italian Championship and new record holders were also saluted.
Sergio Noce won the Tamborini this year and it was handed to his son and daughter. Then last year’s winner Maurizio Menegotto declared he renounced his 2015 victory, which he said he owned solely to Sergio’s illness impeding him from defending his leading position. Per trophy’s rules, this in turn means that the Tamborini Trophy is now definitely assigned to three-times winner Sergio Noce.

That enjoyable evening concluded with the celebration of the Stefano Ghiorzo and Federico Mangano 2nd place in the World Championship who made a toast with all their friends.
Fantastic food, good wine and the great pleasure to all gather together as we do every year.

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