This weekend saw the annual “competition” Brutti e Buoni” which poor weather unfortunately cut short to a single trial.

Participants used the occasion to analise the flights, with ideas on how to prepare for a race and how to better use the on-board instrumentation. They were divided into 10 pairs of brutto & buono. At the end of the day only two “Brutti” completed the trial (Peter Hartman and Alberto Consolini) with the following results.

First place: Giovanni with Franco Poletti. Second place: Paolo Agazzone with Luca Bonini.
Third place: Corrado Piantanida with Giovanni Repola.

Congratulations to all participants and thanks to Alberto Albertazzi who analysed the met and to Francois Robert for scoring

A special thanks goes to Alberto Sironi who not only organised the event but being unable to make a second

Keep the appointment for next year!

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