RietiYesterday August 15 saw the conclusion of the European Gliding Championship in Rieti. Participating were pilots from 16 countries (Lithuania, Russia, Italy, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Austria, France)
With regard to “our” pilots, Peter Hartman (Austria) had been leading the competition in the 15m category for several days, only loosing the top place of the podium on the last day.
In the same category Luca De Marchi achieved fifth place, just 29 points behind the third. He won a task and ran consistently throughout the competition.
In the Club class Davide Schiavotto won two tasks, finishing several times in the first five places.

Here are the podiums for all three categories:

1 FW- Ondrej Dvorak 7.341
2 CX – Jan Louda 7.302
3 MF – Josef Kozar 7.256

1 1 – Lukasz Blaszcyk 7.408
2 2S – Sjaak Selen 7.293
3 DT – Dmitriy Timoshenko 7.071

15 Metres
1 DID – Didier Hauss 7.188
2 WG – Peter Hartman 7.112
3 EY – Christophe Ruch 7.086

Ecco i podi delle tre categorie:


Tasks and Charts here: http://www.soaringspot.com/en_gb/18th-fai-european-glider-championship-rieti-rieti-2015/