Stagione 2016The 2016 ACAO event calendar was presented today in a news conference held at our base. Present among others was Varese mayor Attilio Fontana, Provincial president Gunnar Vincenzi, Italian Olympic Comittee provincial delegate Marco Caccianiga, Sabrina Guglielmetti on behalf of the Varese Chamber of Commerce and Gianni Orsi, son of our founders Adele and Giorgio Orsi.

The first seasonal event is the Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix which will run from the 15th to 21st May and which will also count as the Italian championship 18m class for Italian pilots. Race director will be Aldo Cernezzi.
Concurrently with the Grand Prix will be the “trial edition” of X-Italy presented by Stefano Ghiorzo: a cross Italy race passing Tuscany, Liguria, Emilia Romana and Veneto dedicated to electrically powered single seaters. Three of the X-Italy stages will coincide with the arrivals and departures of corresponding stages of Giro Italia at Sesto, Modena and Bibbione.

In June, ACAO will host the second “Plinio Rovesti” Vintage Glider Meeting between 11-18th June with pilots coming from all over Europe with their classic gliders.

Following that from the 27 June to 1st July will be the 39th “Women Soaring Pilots Association” seminar, a USA based organisation which is dedicated to developing “Pink soaring”. This event is unique not only for Calcinate but also for Italy, being held in a European country just once every five years.

In addition June will see an event which ACAO, and especially its chairman Margot Acquaderni, holds very dear: a social project with the support of the UBI Foundation for disabled glider pilots. This year the ACAO school has installed a special kit that replaces the pedal-operated rudder with a hand-operated one, making it possible for people with motor disability to fully and truly pilot the aircraft by hand only. ACAO will dedicate the entire day of Tuesday June 21st to the handicapped, who, in collaboration with other associations, will discover the world of soaring.