High Performance Stage

ACAO – Calcinate del Pesce (VA) – March 24th-29th, 2015


ACAO, as organizer, is pleased to present the 2015 edition of The  ACAO HIGH PERFORMANCE  STAGE. The stage, run by Alberto Sironi in collaboration with Giorgio Ballarati will take place in the Calcinate del Pesce from Tuesday, March 24th (the day of arrival of the participants) to Sunday, March 29th (spare day) and will be attended by many very skilled coaches mainly belonging to the Italian team (one coach every 1 – 2  pilots participants).



The SAP aims to offer sport pilots the opportunity to face the 2015 season with a good practical and technical training. Considering  the later period than the past editions of the SAP 2015, special attention will be devoted to long flights and distance and speed records.


Whom the stage  is addressed to
Pilots participants should have a good experience of mountain flying, full control and effectiveness of the techniques of centering and climbing in thermals (even along the ridge), good mental and physical form and a keen interest in the objectives of the SAP.
FAI 2015 membership card is required.AS4L6401
Most of the places are reserved to pilots with their own glider (single or two seater necessarily equipped with logger, computer, Flarm / DSX and, possibly, ELT / PLB or similar, oxygen plant and, not for Club class, equipment for making water and glycol). Some coaches will also fly with some high-performance two-seater gliders (ARCUS and DUODISCUS) in which pilots who do not have their own glider will fly , swapping with glider pilots that come with their own gliders.


In addition to the daily flight operations (weather permitting) with task setting and analysis of the flights made the previous day at the briefing​​, the program provides lessons on the most important topics for sport flights. Some of these issues will be faced through its practical application directly in flight.


Application and fee
The number of pilots admitted at the stage is limited by the number of coaches and gliders available for the organization. The selection of applications for participation will be based on the position of the pilot in the international ranking IGC, the badges in possess, the experience of flight and the age. For more information, please refer to the program and the general conditions which will be published in the section of the site ACAO. The application form must be submitted as soon as possible and not later than December 22nd, 2014 by filling out the registration form online.



The fee to participate to the Stage, quite low thanks to the availability of the Coaches and the contribution AeCI, consists of a fixed amount of registration fee of € 190.00 (reduced to € 120.00 for members and ACAO for junior pilots belonging to national category) and a fee for each day of flight of 80,00 € if flying with own glider or € 140.00 if flying with a two-seater provided by the organization / coach (besides the cost of towing which will be the same as the price for ACAO members). The fee for the days of flying and towing are free for junior national team pilots, that will then pay only the registration fee of € 120.00.


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