From May 30th ACAO in Calcinate del Pesce will take place the second CALIF a21-S International meeting. These gliders “made in Varese” were built in the historical Caproni factory and designed by engineer Carlo Ferrarin, to whom this meeting is dedicated.
If in Berlin the “Calif Friends Meeting” seemed to have reached his top, with 10 Calif brought back together from several Nations of the World, now the Aero Club Adele Orsi is ready to write a new page of history: from Saturday, May 30th, to Sunday, June 6th, 11 Calif will arrive in Calcinate.
Eleven Califs in Calcinate seems to be something difficult to be repeated, but the passion to fly on a side by side two-seater in the silent skies of Varese is strong and contagious . The hope that the number of the Calif friends in the next years can grow, increases day by day.
In 2011 a small group of enthusiastic Calif – pilots met in Reinsdorf, a small village in Germany, in order to try to recreate a fans community. From then, all has grown and grown and thanks to a series of contacts with pilot and owner of Calif, Ottavio Paolini, the first official International Calif Meeting was held in Calcinate del Pesce (Varese).
No races, no competitiveness for all the week. The pilots will fly in the Varese skies with a single aim: flying again over the ways that made Calcinate del Pesce the glorious place that is today, thanks to the most glorious ancient Italian Air Force industry.
Personalities that have honoured the culture of the Flight and the sport in general terms, are waited in the event.
Gliders and pilots are expected to arrive on Saturday.


Calif Friends Event Program