cid2015bluThe prize giving for the winners of the Italian Distance Championship 2015 is scheduled for today Saturday October 3. The ceremony will be held at the Locanda Corte of Pavullo nel Frignano (Modena Province) in Via Gaiato, 107.
Congratulations to the winners. Listed below are the podium of each category.


15 metres Class:
1. Vittorio Pinni (Emilia in volo)
2. Lorenzo Porro (AVL – AeC Vol. Lariano)
3. Luca De Marchi (ACAO – AeC Vol. Adele Orsi)


Club Class:
1. Alessandro Busca (AeC Valle d´Aosta)
2. Alessandro Giaiotti (AeC Pavullo)
3. Andrea Terenziani (Emilia in volo)


Open Class
1. Walter Giordani (AeC Bolzano)
2. Roberto Reginaldi (AeCCVV)
3. Alberto Sironi (ACAO – AeC Vol. Adele Orsi)


Women’s Class
1. Margherita Acquaderni (ACAO – AeC Vol. Adele Orsi)
2. Patrizia Roilo (AeC Pavullo)
3. Paola Lanzieri (Emilia in volo)


Best Club
1. AeC Pavullo
2. ACAO – AeC Vol. Adele Orsi
3. AeC Bolzano


Best flight
1. Alberto Sironi (ACAO – AeC Vol. Adele Orsi)
2. Walter Giordani (AeC Bolzano)
3. Roberto Reginaldi (AeCCVV)


Full charts are in this page.