Pelagia-MajewskaMarina Galetto has, on behalf of Aero Club Italia (AeCI), nominated Margherita for the Pelagia Majewska medal, presenting her curriculum to the IGC Plenary Meeting which voted unanimously in favour.
This medal may be awarded each year on the recommendation by the FAI Gliding Commission to a female soaring pilot to reward an outstanding performance during the year or eminent services to gliding over a long period of time.
Well done Margot!
The medal will be physically awarded at the general FAI conference in Bali 14-15 October 2016.
Past medal awards:
2015 – Ritz De Luy (Netherlands)
2012 – Maria Bolla (Hungary)
2011 – Gill Van Den Broeck (Belgium)
2009 – Beryl Hartley (Australia)
2008 – Doris F. Grove (USA)
2007 – Maksymiliana Czmiel-paszyc (Poland)
2006 – Ghislaine Facon (France)
2001 – Carol Clifford (South Africa)
2000 – Dr. Angelika Machinek (Germany)
1997 – Ms. Hana Zejdova (Czech Rep.)
1996 – Bertha Ryan (USA)
1995 – Mrs. Adele Mazzucchelli Orsi (Italy)
1994 – Mrs. Marie Kyzivatova (Czech Rep.)
1992 – Georgette Litt-gabriel (Belgium)
1991 – Gisela Weinreich (Germany)
1989 – Mrs. Ann Welch (United Kingdom)