18 Jan

On January 15, Gustavo Saurin clocked the first distance flight of the season, at 414km. It had been years since such conditions occurred that early into the season. Very well done Gustavo, congratulations! Hopefully the weather will stay that way.

15 Jan

Yesterday January 14th Italian Civil Aviation Authority Inspector Capt. Laureti was in Calcinate for a series of Gliders Pilot License skill tests. We welcome the pilots who passed with flying colours; Paolo Mancini, Davide Mocchiutti and Andrea Moschini and wish them much soaring accomplishments. Special thanks to Alberto Albertazzi who saw them to the exam […]

15 Nov

Today, Saturday November 15 a small group of ACAO pilots went to the Paradise summit (Cima Paradiso) on the Field of Flowers (Campo Dei Fiori) to pay homage to the Madonna di Loreto, traditional patron saint of pilots. This year, as in recent years the ‘pilgimage’ took place prior to December 10, the official festival […]

10 Nov

Following the announcement to reduce the maximum altitude in the zone to the north of Varese (from 9500ft to 5500ft) which would severely reduce gliding activity, the board decided to write a letter to ENAV to ask the old limits to be re-instated for safety reasons.   Much to our surprise, following the intervention of […]

09 Nov

Sunday November 8: A group of 2nd training period pilots assembled at Alzate Brianza airfield using two K21 gliders in order to make familiarisation flights at a new airfield with different circuit procedures and height limits. The project was part of 2nd period training aimed at pilots aiming at gaining their Silver ‘C’ next season. […]

05 Nov

The FAI, via the AeCI, has announced that the Study Centre for Alpine Soaring Museum has been recognised as a “Recommended FAI Museum”. FAI Secretary General Susanne Schoedel and Director of Sport and Marketing Markus Haggeney were much impressed during their visit to ACAO last June by the quantity of fascinating historic documents which they […]

02 Nov

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