24 Jul

ACAO is now equipped with an ultrasonic anemometer produced by the French firm LCJ CAPTEURS which measures real time wind velocity and direction and atmospheric pressure.   Wind and pressure information are distributed within the ACAO information system and are publicly available on the Internet, on the club terminals and (soon) via radio.   LCJ […]

15 Jul

A marvellous day with Italian Spina Bifida Association (ASBI) children was hosted by the CentroNatrulabile from Varallo Pombia. The kids were thrilled to be able to try out the simulator.   A big thank you to Matteo, Antonio and Maurizio at the simulator, Nino and Roberto in the museum, Antonia, Elisa and Daniela in the […]

04 Jul

Club members turned out in force today to welcome a revolutionary visitor from Germany in the shape of the experimental E-Genius electric-powered motor glider developed at Stuttgart University. The futuristic side-by-side two-seat aircraft arrived at 08.00 from Stuttgart Airport, its first direct crossing of the Alps from Germany to Italy. Flown by champion soaring pilot […]

19 Jun

With preparations under way for the Calcinate Grand Prix World Final September 5-12, FAI general secretary Susanne Schoedel and Director of Sport and Marketing Markus Heggeny dropped in to view how the work was proceeding. The organizers are working flat out to prepare a welcome to the world’s best pilots who have passed the qualification […]

17 Jun

Despite initial poor weather Calcinate Dei Pesce’s first ‘Plini Rovesti’ meeting of the Vintage Gliding Club finally got under way with many pilots only making their first flight today. More than 10 vintage gliders have gathered at the Giorgo & Adele airport including types going back to the 80 year old Hu 28 ‘Olympia Meise’. […]

11 Jun

Although not strictly aeroclub activity we are very proud to announce that our advisor, tug pilot and security manager Gianfranco Caroppo has flown the Pope!!!    

10 Jun

This year again! We are going to propose the “Brutti & Buoni”, an event for less experienced pilots who will fly team with an experienced one on fixed tasks (short ones in the Pedemont) . There will be daily and an overall results. The dates are June, 20th and 21st. The results will be held […]