24 Jan

The following students passed their theoretical and practical exams brilliantly:   Marco Di Tanno Robin Blech Piero Missarino Renato Danini   In addition there are two returnees:   Mario Ferrario Franco Ricciardi   Congratulations to every one !    

11 Jan

Today Alberto Sironi, as part of advanced training (phase II) has dealt with the interesting topic of flying with wind in the area extending from our base to the Valtellina valley (Swiss border NE of Calcinate). In addition, he has analysed and illustrated a 300 km triangular flight Calcinate – Tirano – Crodo in thermic […]

10 Jan

From a survey completed last year, ACAO members underlined the need to improve housekeeping for our aircraft. To that end, a task force of dedicated members has been created to meet at weekends to restore our aircraft to pristine condition. Those maintenance tasks range from repairing minor items, carrying out comprehensive cleaning of cockpits, canopies […]

04 Jan

With strong winds preventing school flight training today, a number of members have been able to fly an advanced training mission Calcinate – Martica – Pianbello – S. Giorgio – Generoso with a landing at Alzate or alternatively: Calcinate – S. Giorgio – Generoso – Tremezzo – Bregagno – Legnone, while making radio calls to […]

03 Jan

Thanks to the effort and enterprise of four of our members who set 10 Italian and two continental records during their recent Namibian expedition, their achievement has been posted on the Italian Aero Club website, available on this page. The AeCI is to be thanked for the space and attention it has given to ACAO […]

02 Dec

From June 12th to June 20th ACAO will host the first International Vintage Glider Meeting named after the famous pilot Plinio Rovesti, one of the seven who, over 80 years ago, carried the first glider launch from Campo dei Fiori, landing on the waters of Varese Lake, in 1934, September 16th. First vintage gliders will […]

30 Nov

November ended with a most interesting weekend when Human Factor specialists Neila Zuccaro and Franco Bosio together with Ileana Di Pomonio who teach at Uninettuno, Sapienza and Torvergata Universities in Rome. They offered members active research participation in the field of Human Factors completing an ‘Implicit Association Test’ aimed at quantifying and assessing personal propensity […]