21 Jun

Almost all the competitors have arrived. Unofficially the winner of qualifying grand Prix is Peter Hartmann, followed by Riccardo Brigliadori, also winner of the 18 m Italian championships, and Roman Mracek. All the pilots seem to be satisfied of the 5 competition days. We will tell you something more precise in a very short time.

20 Jun

Another good day. Already from the morning the sky looked great. At the briefing a task of nearly 300 km was assigned and take offs were established to be at 12.30. The starting line was opened at 13.30 and the sky looked beautiful. There was a weak north wind that helped the pilots with very […]

19 Jun

The day looked very beautiful from the morning, the sun was shining, at last ! Briefing was delayed to 11.00 o’ clock for technical problems. Take offs started at 13.00 but the conditions were weaker than forecasted. The start line was opened after 1 hour the last pilot was launched. The first pilot to arrive, […]

18 Jun

I-Evam has returned to fly in Ferrara, during the Italian championships. Franco and Lino won, in command of I- Evam Bergfalke II, being able to finish seven-day flights out of seven tasks ,in very difficult weather conditions. Thanks to all the group ‘Pilots of Wood “who helped and participated in the I-EVAM operation , restoring […]

18 Jun

At the end of the task of the day the plantation of the roses for the achievement of the FAI Badges of the 1000 and 1250 km was held Roses for European records made by the pilots who took off from our airport, were also planted in the two flowerbeds created at the east entrance […]

18 Jun

This morning the sky looked really bad: 8/8 coverage. No grid before briefing. The director showed that a clear spot was coming from the east and he decided to give a task to the east of 190,7 km. First take off at 13.30. The sky was not looking that good but Giorgino was optimistic. Start […]

17 Jun

Briefing on top of the greed due to the low cloud base, very changeable and uncertain conditions, not very laudable landscape, Giorgino, the director, has decided to cancel the day. See you tomorrow!