15 May

Last Wednesday was a memorable day for ACAO: a nice group of pilots has in fact done exceptionally spectacular flights that brought new records and new badges to our club.   These results were achieved:   1633 km  Alberto Sironi 1381 km  Luciano Avanzini 1244 km  Ugo Pavesi   and more…   1021 km  Peter Hartmann […]

20 Apr

Wednesday, April 16 Luciano Avanzini, Peter Hartmann and Sandro Montemaggi have achieved their goal: 1000 km declared . After taking off from Calcinate, 3 turning points were to be turned: Kirchbach (in the valley of Gail about 30 km from Noetch), Coimo (in Centovalli), Tonale Pass and back to Calcinate. Unfortunately Sandro Villa that had […]

12 Mar

We have chosen to dedicate the airport to those without whom we could have never enjoyed the pleasure of flying in such a wonderful context as the one of Calcinate.   Adele and Giorgio, thank you!!

14 Jan

In recent days, we were hit by two sudden deaths: Artemio and Danilo, left us suddenly. The whole club fondly hugs their families.