12 Jul

The soaring expedition Calcinate-Sotos-Calcinate is currently under way. On July 6th four gliders departed ACAO Varese, destination Sotos, Spain (between Valencia and Madrid): an ASG32 crewed by Antonio Caraffini and Alberto Sironi, an Arcus M, with Aldo Pigni and Margherita Acquaderni, a Nimbus 4DM with Vittorio Squarciafico and Maurizio Quintarelli and a Ventus Ct flown […]

04 Jul

We have completed this magnificent occasion of the 39th meeting of the Women Soaring Pilots Association.   It was certainly hard work but thanks to the fantastic help by members it was a great success.   We flew 26 female pilots each day and were able to practice in various weather conditions: from ridge flying […]

28 Jun

After an amazing first day during which all the pilots were able to fly in a light northerly wind and enjoy the amazing scenery we started the second day with a human factors presentation by Gianfranco Caroppo and one on mountain flying by Alberto Sironi.   Follow it live via: www.youtube.com/channel/UCxTXioSyE1ubrkSKeuC9xNw   2ì

27 Jun

This morning the start of a week dedicated to the 39th WSPA Seminar began with an introductory briefing by Gianfranco Caroppo.    

25 Jun

Today ACAO welcomed nine guests of the Lombardia region, nine young Instagrammers and bloggers coming from Canada and other European countries, who discovered the thrill of flying!  

22 Jun

The final event in the ACAO 2016 calendar will be the third Open Day on September 11 when Varese’s Adele & Giorgio Aero Club opens its doors for a day dedicated to everyone wanting to discover the world of flying.    

21 Jun

Today, Tuesday 21 June, the programme for Spazio Vita from Niguarda Hospital has achieved flights for 13 disabled people including three tetraplegics allowing them a three dimensional experience and the joy and freedom of the air. Thanks to the installation of special controls, one of the club gliders can be flown by people with motor […]