16 Jun

Tuesday 21 June from 9.30 to 16.00 ACAO will host a meeting dedicated to air experience flights for the disabled.   A special kit fitted on one of the club’s glider allows the rudder pedals to be controlled with the hands allowing a disabled person to pilot the aircraft.   At ACAO the disabled could […]

13 Jun

The 2nd Plinio Rovesti vintage glider meeting was cancelled due poor weather.

09 Jun

As planned from the 1st to the 8th May ACAO held the Settimana Azzura (Blue Week) dedicated to competitive flying. Around 30 pilots, management, ACAO staff and members once again demonstrated their passion for flight. The week consisted of six consecutive flying days allowing pilots to fly between southern France and the Dolomites experiencing every […]

08 Jun

This morning we hosted the nursery school of “Emilio Alemagna” from Barasso

30 May

Last week club member Gianfranco Caroppo visited Crevacuore primary school in Biella province to speak to children about gliding. It was a lovely experience both for Gianfranco and the students, who listened intently to his talk illustrated with pictures of gliders and inflight action pictures. The children showed their enthusiasm for Gianfranco’s presentation by immediately […]

29 May

Friday and Saturday Schempp-Herth dropped in with the Ventus 3 prototype. Many interested pilots came to see the new machine in which several members flew. It seems a very interesting aircraft indeed.