As planned from the 1st to the 8th May ACAO held the Settimana Azzura (Blue Week) dedicated to competitive flying.
Around 30 pilots, management, ACAO staff and members once again demonstrated their passion for flight.
The week consisted of six consecutive flying days allowing pilots to fly between southern France and the Dolomites experiencing every type of weather condition (wind, thermic, dynamic and wave).
The list of achievements is impressive and includes four Italian records, several badges and FAI diplomas covering 50, 300, 500 and 750 km up to a flight of almost 1000km.
In addition thousands of kilometres were totted up exploring our mind-blowing Alps.

What can I say? Thanks go to all the participating pilots, the coach, staff and ACAO members whose enthusiasm and professionalism made the event possible.

Ciao everyone until the next time.
Alberto Sironi

I want to express my THANKS to Alberto Sironi an extraordinary man and pilot, and a brilliant teacher both in the class room and in flight.
A big THANK YOU also to Alberto Albertazzi who provided ground assistance all week and to ACAO staff, to Fabio our mechanic, to the secretary, to tug pilots on duty as early as 8am on windy days, to Antonia and Paola who ran the bar and to the coaches, especially Luciano Avanzini, Andrea Ferrero and Alberto Consolini who gave their time during each flying day. The enthusiasm was terrific thanks to everyone being infected with the contagious “virus” we call soaring.

To the next time,


Limidario Togano Val d'Ossola