Here an overview of the program of sporting events organized by ACAO in 2022 that can be of interest for foreign pilots, too.

From March 27 to April 2, Calcinate will host the fourteenth edition of the SAP, (High Performance Stage) conceived and as always conducted by Alberto Sironi and dedicated to pilots of all levels who intend to grow by engaging in sports flights (badges, cross country flight and records) or in exploration flights of the Alps. Info and registration / participation procedures are available here.
From 8 to 14 May the City of Varese Cup (CCV) and the Italian two-seater 20 m class championship (C.I. 20 m) will be held in Calcinate. Foreign pilots can also participate in the CCV.
The Italian Qualifying Grand Prix in 18 m class will be held in Calcinate from 4 to 11 June.
Foreign pilots who wish to come and fly to Calcinate, even for short training periods, are invited to contact the secretary ( or the club director ( to check availability and agree on times and modalities.