The Italian Gliding Championships – Promotion and 15 meters categories – the City of Varese Cup – Walter Vergani Trophy, held on over two weekends until Sunday 13 September, ended up on Sunday.
24 gliders, 4 of which two-seater, for a total of 27 pilots, including one foreigner, involved in one of the few sporting events held this year in the Varese area.
Six available days, 5 races held, only 3 valid tasks for the score, due to a really poor weather that characterized the whole race which was excellently conducted by Aldo Cernezzi assisted by Ezio Sarti for the weather and by Francois Robert for the scoring.
ThebACAO pilot Alfio Lavazza won the Italian title in the 15m class flying his LS8, Ugo Pavesi in second place, Stefano Ghiorzo in third place.
The Italian Promotion Class Champion is Luca Doniselli, a pilot from AVA Valbrembo Club. The very young ACAO pilot Alessandro Bassalti, second in the score, was also promoted to the national category, and Adolfo Pomi was in third place.
The City of Varese Cup instead saw the absolute leadership of Alberto Sironi who flew with a young pilot from Alzate Davide Luatti, second Luca Castelli, third Carlo Faggioni and Fausto Castiglioni.
A heartfelt thank to all those who made the competition possible, starting with the line manager, Alberto Balducci, to all the line helpers, to our irreplaceable towing pilots, to the bar girls, to the secretaries and to all the pilots who have committed themselves in a very demanding competition.
The tasks and scores of the competition are posted on the site




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