IMG WSPAWe have completed this magnificent occasion of the 39th meeting of the Women Soaring Pilots Association.
It was certainly hard work but thanks to the fantastic help by members it was a great success.
We flew 26 female pilots each day and were able to practice in various weather conditions: from ridge flying thanks to a light north wind the first day to thermic flying in the mountains and foothills.
We only gave flying a miss on one day, which was given over to tourism.
We assembled all our club fleet: five ASK 21, two DuoDiscus plus some private two-seaters, kindly made available.
The pilots were able to fly with many of our members among which were pilots of our national team plus Peter Hartmann. Thanks to everyone!
Thanks to Antonio Ghelfi, Antonio Mansi and our Operations Director (DOV) we had available daily two instructors for the less experienced, the least experienced having a sort of school each day.
Also available was our simulator to the delight of all, thanks to Francois and Matteo Borbonese who patiently followed those wanting to acclimatize and familiarize with our local area.
We provided daily lunch and dinner with the bar available throughout the five days. This was only possible thanks to Antonia and Paola. Many thanks!
Each day we had class room sessions with very interesting lectures and for that many thanks to Gianfranco Caroppo, Alberto Sironi, Andrea Ferrero, Marco Brusa and his colleague for creating such an interesting conference, which was also transmitted via streaming.
We made 100 tows, more than 200 flying hours without interfering with normal club activity (relatively few members showed up during those days). Certainly the club has benefitted a lot from it and we will outline that at the next general assembly.
Thank you to the accompanying pilots:

Bonini, Bonzanni, Borbonese, Caraffini, Cassini, Cernezzi, Consolini, De Marchi, Ferrari, Ghelfi, Ghiringhelli, Hartmann, Lavazza, Mansi, Menegotto, Matteucci, Pigni, Poletti, Provvidone, Robert, Secomandi, Sironi, Zuliani, and all the tug pilots (not named in case we forget someone….) and our Operations Director (DOV) who has directed the ‘orchestra’ in a lovely way. Thanks also to Massimo and Daniela for the very efficient secretariat, to Fabio and workshop staff and all those who helped on the line. (Many thanks!!!!).
As you can see we are really a team and please forgive me if I have forgotten anybody!!!
Following this experience it would be lovely to repeat something similar for our pilots hopefully in the second/ third training period.

A great summer to all and so long until the beginning of September with Brutti & Buoni! And always HAPPY LANDINGS!