Despite initial poor weather Calcinate Dei Pesce’s first ‘Plini Rovesti’ meeting of the Vintage Gliding Club finally got under way with many pilots only making their first flight today.

More than 10 vintage gliders have gathered at the Giorgo & Adele airport including types going back to the 80 year old Hu 28 ‘Olympia Meise’. Most are 1950s types such as the Scheibe L-Spatz 55  and MU13-D3 or Schleicher KA6 both ‘e’ and ‘cr’ variants and also the Focke-Wulf Weihe 50. Also included of course was our own Bergfalke 11/55 I-EVAM.

Representing 1970s design, a transition period between wood and composite material construction, was the Elfe S4a made in Switzerland by Albert Neucom.

Most pilots arrived in Calcinate from Switzerland with others from Germany, the Netherlands and of course Italy. The ‘Plino Rovesti’ meeting will last throughout the week, ending Saturday 20th June.