1Pavullo Frignano Airport (Modena) – Day 2

The second day proved to be a challenge as the weather conditions were very poor; low level spread-out with a constant threat of rain. Not a day for a task, so it was declared a rest day!


As things turned out, our day rest turned out to be a day of preparation and training as tomorrow we plan to provide a little extra entertainment for the “Giro d’Italia” (cycling event) in the form of an aerobatic sequence, complete with pink smoke, in honor of the 99th “Giro d’Italia”. It turned out to be a busy morning, after rigging the gliders we installed the smoke system comprised of one canister on each wing, giving a total burn-time of about four minutes.
Just when everything was ready for the first trial flight with smoke, the weather played its part again and our enthusiasm was dampened down until later in the afternoon. It was not until 18:00 that the rain stopped and the skies above Pavullo began to clear to reveal a wonderful rainbow. The pilots were ready almost immediately!