Pavullo Frignano Airport (Modena) – Day 3

The goal of the third day is our in flight exhibition for the “Giro d’Italia” (cycling event)”.


The three gliders were ready at the launch-point by 10:00 and the pilots prepared for the rehearsal of our display at Sestola, the finish line of the tenth stage of the “Giro d’Italia”.

Following final arrangements will several parties concerned, including AeCI, RAI TV and and the municipality of Sestola we were ready to go. The three self-launching gliders depart precisely 14:50 to arrive at the display line at the same time as the first cyclists. At 15:00 its Smoke ON and the skies over Sestola turn pink! First Luigi Bertoncini gives a solo performance, and is then joined by Riccardo Brigliadori and Stefano Ghiorzo for a well disciplined display of airmanship.

The three Silent 2 Electro’s fly in perfect sync, the sky is a riot of color and the streets are crowded by thousands of people gazing skyward, some seeing gliders in flight perhaps for the first time! The TV crews from RAI and RDS recorded live the greeting to the Giro cyclists – a unprecedented moment for glider flying in Italy.