13240112_1783716765180449_6595026186058044847_nThe last stage of the “X-Italia 2016, on finished on Saturday, 21 May. (editor’s note “X” is pronounced “cross”) in conjunction with “Sailplane Grand-Prix” at Varese).
“X-Italy 2016” is the year 0 (zero) for a new form of gliding competition, strongly supported by the Aero Club of Italy (AeCI) and organized by the flying club ACAO (Varese) and Pavullo (Modena). It is characterized by the use of electrically powered gliders that are capable of self-launching. This has enabled a new competition formula that is more engaging and motivating; allowing each stage to be flown from a different location, with tasks over a more varied terrain. It also delivered an element of spectatorship, promotion of the sport of gliding and some pure entertainment! With this in mind, X-Italia 2016 joined the famous “Giro d’Italia” (Tour of Italy cycling event) at two key points, at the finish line of stage 10 at Sestola (Modena) and again at the start of stage 11, at Modena where a modest aerobatic display, with smoke, painted the sky pink.
The full itinerary for “X-Italia 2016” took the pilots over 1000 km across the country, including Lombardy, Emila, Tuscany and the island of Elba:
– 1. Speed task: Varese / Cremona with a turn-point at Monte Marenzo (Lecco)
– 2. Time task: from Cremona / Pavullo (Modena) with a turn-point at Fontanellato (Parma)
– 3. Speed task: from Pavullo (Modena) /S.Vincenzo (Livorno) with a turn-point at Borro (Arezzo)
– 4. Time task: from San Vincenzo (Livorno) to Marina di Campo (Island of Elba)
– 5. Speed task: from San Vincenzo (Livorno) to Pavullo (Modena)
– 6. Speed task: from Pavullo (Mpdena) to Alzate Brianza (Como)
– 7. Time task: from Alzate Brianza (Como) to Varese
The winner of this first event is Stefano Ghiorzo, twice world champion, with Riccardo Brigliadori in second place and Luigi Bertoncini third.
It is now a matter for the FAI (International Aeronautical Federation) to consider the results of this trial event of “X-Italia 2016” with a view to a change in the rules for the FAI 13.5 m class – hopefully as early as next season.