IMG_7842First task

Calcinate del Pesce – Airfield Airport (Kong) -Airfield Cremona

A good start to the race for our competitors and the SILENT 2 Electro.

The three self-launching gliders departed from Calcinate (VA) at about 12:15, just prior to launch of the Sailplane Grand Prix Qualifier with Cremona airport as their first destination.  The routing takes them across the Po Valley, in a modest northerly wind.

The three pilots quickly found the first thermals over Lake Varese, allowing them to shut-down the their motors from a low altitude of just 200-250 m, thus maintaining their power reserves for the task ahead.  Following a difficult first leg, they were able to move east to reach the first turn-point (the airfield “Kong” at Monte Marenzo).

The first to reach the destination of Cremona airport is Riccardo Brigliadori – the winner of the first task.

A point of interest, one of the three gliders was prohibited from landing at Cremona as paratroopers were active on the airfield at the time. So, with the glider already in the circuit, what to do? The electric motor is immediately selected; no pylon to erect, no low level dive start, just instantaneous power and a graceful turn to the south while maintaining height, and wait for the clearance to land.

IMG_7665Second task
Cremona Airport – Airfield Fontanellato (PR) – Pavullo Frignano Airport

Takeoff from Cremona with minimum use of energy, engine shutdown at 150 meters over the town.

The opening of the start line is delayed by a few minutes to allow for the paratrooper drop-plane which is operating and the gliders depart to the south of the airfield to avoid any conflict.

The conditions are difficult towards Pavullo,  but with perseverance the three pilots manage to reach Reggio Emilia, but are quite low before finding a 3m s thermal and climb quickly to 1,500m. Ricardo manages to gain 1,800m on the ridge and sets off toward Pavullo, but Stefano decides to use a little of his reserve power to beat Ricardo to the finish.