June, 20th and 21st: Brutti & Buoni 2015 event

June, 20th and 21st: Brutti & Buoni 2015 event

DSC_1129_WebThis year again! We are going to propose the “Brutti & Buoni”, an event for less experienced pilots who will fly team with an experienced one on fixed tasks (short ones in the Pedemont) . There will be daily and an overall results.
The dates are June, 20th and 21st.
The results will be held on the basis of handicapped Italian list and are calculated on the less experienced pilot.


The spirit of the “Brutti e Buoni” is the one to provide less experienced pilots with an opportunity to grow through a useful comparison in flight and on the ground with the most experienced pilots.


The features of this nice event are suitable for those who would like to take part in the “Promozione” a championship one must participate if he wants to be promoted into the national ranking.


To sum up, these will be the topics that will be faced both on ground and in flight: reading and optimization of the sky, safe flight with other gliders around, starting the task, going around the turning points, final glide, safe outlanding, management of airspace, computer and pad: its use in the task, etc.


You can also participate without having FAI card and with any glider but anti-collision system is mandatory. You can also choose to fly one day (better if you can fly both tasks).
Prizes will be awarded to the winners of each day pairs of pilots and the first three in the overall ranking (sum of the points of the 2 days of flight).


Registration to the “Brutti e Buoni” is made by filling a simple form set out in this website: just indicate the name of the pilot, the glider and the days on which you will fly. The entry fee is 2 stamps per glider.
If you subscribe with a two seater, the entry must be made on behalf of the more experienced pilot who will fly the two-seater. The experienced pilot of the two-seater will directly be in contact with his second pilot: the organization will pair experienced with less experienced but won’t take care of the crews of the two-seaters.
If two members of the same glider wish to participate, they can both subscribe indicating the same glider and the day in which they want to fly.


To organize and conduct the event we need at least 5 pairs of gliders/drivers. We ask the pilots concerned (even those experts!) to sign up as soon as possible so that we can confirm to all the running of the event in time.


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