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“Secrets of Champions” cycle: Alberto Sironi talks about glider flying in the Central Alps.

BiancoRossiNews interviews Margherita Acquaderni, Aldo Cernezzi and Alessandro Bassalti.

Margot tells Rete55 about her experience at the World Gliding World Championship in Australia.

AUS Niguarda at ACAO – TG3 Lombardy’s coverage.

AUS Niguarda at ACAO – Network 55’s coverage

High Performing Internship 2019 – TG3 Lombardy’s coverage.

FLYDONNA 2018 – the “Women with Wings” panel discussion.

TG3 Lombardy – Replanting Campo dei Fiori

Good Morning Region: Replanting Campo dei Fiori

Gliding Flight and the ACAO on TG3 Lombardy on 4/22/2018

Pink sky over Varese: the WSPA seminar at ACAO (from Network 55)

Yellow Motori’s test of the Land Rover Discovery Sport ( at ACAO

The baptism of flight: a wonderful day with the disability project (from Network 55)

Varese Sport Commission takes flight along with ACAO (from Network 55)

ACAO at TG3 Lombardy on March 27, 2016

The ACAO Open Day on October 18, 2015 (from Network 55)

Die besten Piloten der Welt (Regio Tv Stuttgart’s Grand Prix coverage)

The world gliding grand prix final in Calcinate del Pesce (from Rai 3)

A report on the Calcinate gliding grand prix final (from Ländle TV)

E-Genius electric-powered plane, piloted by Klaus Ohlmann, lands at ACAO (from Rai 3)

Inauguration of the Giorgio and Adele Orsi monument and presentation of the 2015 ACAO season (from Network 55)

Inauguration of the monument dedicated to Adele and Giorgio Orsi: Gianni Orsi’s speech (from VareseNews)

Interview with Margot Acquaderni (from Network 55)

First gathering of vintage gliders

“La Motte du Caire” – Internship September 2014

Pilot for a day in ACAO

FAI record 750 km triangle flight in Namibia

Record flight with takeoff from Calcinate – ACAO (VA)

High Performance Internship (SAP 2011) at ACAO


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