The school

The school

Course for obtaining the Glider Pilot License (Glider Pilot License).

The Course is divided into two parts, one flying and one theory.

The A.C.A.O. Pilot School operates with the following staff:

  • a school director
  • eight flight instructors
  • Three theory instructors in addition to flight instructors

Theory classes are held on a schedule to be determined, but there are usually two annual courses: the first from January to April, the second, from September to December. Participation is free of charge and does not involve club membership. Classes are held in the special classroom on Saturdays and Sundays from about 2:30 pm.

Four ASK21-type two-seater school gliders, a Falke 25C motor glider and the ASK21 M Self Launching glider are used for flying lessons, operating 5 days a week, Wednesday through Sunday, throughout the year. Prior to the start of flights, one must have passed a medical examination at the Air Force’s Istituto Medico Legale (IML) in Milan Linate.

The flight program includes No. 3 acclimatization/approximation glider flights and No. 50 instruction glider flights.

This number can vary greatly depending, primarily, on the aptitude of the student and the continuity with which he or she performs the flying activity.

The duration of the course is, on average, about 6 months.

The theory program is developed in about 50 hours of class time.

Relative to all subjects, texts and handouts are provided.

Theoretical examinations are held at the Aeroclub designated by ENAC (National Civil Aviation Authority) on dates that cannot be scheduled for individual students. The practical examination is usually held on the premises when, in the opinion of the school director, a sufficient number of students can take it.

The examination consists, with regard to theory, of a written “quiz” test and, with regard to piloting, of a flight test with an on-board examiner preceded by briefing/interrogation.

The Instructors

School director

  • Alberto Balducci

Flight instructors

  • Alberto Albertazzi
  • Antonio Ghelfi
  • Martin Lobert
  • Maurizio Menegotto
  • Antonio Mansi Montenegro
  • Danilo Trovò

Theory instructors

  • Piero Magnaghi (Meteorology – sheet 1A – instruments – sheet 1A)
  • Enzio Provvidone (Principles of Flight – tab 1 A and 2A)
  • Lobert Martin (Navigation – board 2A)
  • Antonio Ghelfi (Aviation Communications – tab 1A)
  • RobertoTroiano (Aeronautical regulation- tab 2A . Med. Aer. – tab 2A)
  • Antonio Mansi (Gen. aerom. notions – sheet 1A – operational procedures – sheet 2A)
  • Francois Robert (Aviation Communications – tab 1A)

All instructors are pilots who are members of the aeroclub and operate free of charge without compensation of any kind.


The average cost of obtaining a license (G.L.) is approximately €3500/€3900 (excluding the membership fee after six months) and includes:

  • Course Enrollment
  • 6-month membership in the Aeroclub
  • Secretarial Practices
  • Textbooks
  • Lezioni di teoria
  • Flying lessons in a motor glider at the discretion of the school director
  • Approximately 50 flying lessons with release at 500 meters lasting an average of 15″

Payment of the above amount is expected in this way:

  • €600 to be paid at enrollment, plus €85 per month for each month until the end of the calendar year. In contrast, children under the age of 23 pay only €100 per year.
  • €280 per flight credit (non-refundable) scaled in variable steps depending on student’s assiduity. Hauls at the various altitudes are at the discretion of the Instructor.
  • ENAC fixed costs (Ministry):
    • Theoretical examination €98
    • Practical examination €250 (plus a share of the examiner’s travel costs)
    • Issuing License €238

For any information call the secretary’s office at. 0332 310073 Wednesday through Sunday.


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