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Discover Gliding

Voli turistici

With "Pilot for a Day" you too can experience the thrill of glider flight!

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ACAO: the story

The Aero Club Adele Orsi is Italy's largest gliding club with over 200 registered members and more than 20 pilots trained and certified annually.

The Courses

Become a glider pilot, find out how to get your license with our flight school.

What is Gliding?

Practicing “Gliding Flight” means flying a sailplane without the use of mechanical propulsion apparatus.

A good flyer sees the air around him as a huge reservoir from which to draw the energy he needs. The forces of nature are at his disposal, if he has learned not to fear them but rather to respect them, to listen to them, and to grasp their slightest signs with undivided attention.

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