Season 2023

Season 2023

The 2023 sports season

The Calcinate del Pesce airfield

Here is an overview of the program of sports events organized by the ACAO in 2023.

Events and competitions of national interest

It starts with the Italian Distance Championship, in which you can participate by registering for free online at the ACAO website. Valid flights are from March 1 (or date of CID enrollment if later) to September 15.

In the Ruggero Ancillotti Trophy, however, all flights in the period between September 21, 2022 and September 20, 2023 are valid. This is the 13th edition of the single-class handicap competition. The 6 fastest flights made by Italian and foreign pilots on Italian soil will be considered for the final ranking. Registration for TRA is free of charge and occurs automatically with the submission of the first flight to the OLC (OnLine Contest) system.

The Attilio Pronzati Trophy, in its fourth edition, aims to remember Attilio’s sporting spirit by rewarding performance flights according to his way of interpreting gliding. Flights departing from an Italian Airport made from March 1 to September 15 are valid, and awards will be given to pilots in the female and male categories with the longest pre-declared flight (Round Trip or Any Triangle), adjusted by glider handicap.

From April 16 to 22, Calcinate will host the 15th edition of the SAP, conceived and as always conducted by Alberto Sironi and dedicated to pilots of all levels who intend to grow by trying their hand at sport flying (insignia, distance and records) or exploring the Alps. Info and how to register/participate are available here.

From April 21-23 Calcinate will host a training session of the National Rose.

From April 30 to May 6, the City of Varese Cup (CCV) and the Italian Free Class Championship will be held in Calcinate. Foreign drivers can also participate in the CCV, a single Hp class race valid for International Ranking purposes.

Finally, ACAO organizes for all interested pilots, throughout the season, the possibility of training to CROSS-COUNTRY / AGONISTIC FLIGHT. with a world-class sports pilot coach.

ACAO-only competitions.

As a reminder, the CSVVA DistanceChampionship is a single-class handicap race with drivers divided into 4 categories according to experience. The CSVVA speedchampionship is a single-class handicap competition in which the 6 fastest flights made by individual pilots are valued. The Sergio Noce trophy, on the other hand, will be awarded to the pilot who has made the most valid flights with takeoff from Calcinate and a minimum distance of 50 km. Again, enrollment is free and occurs automatically with the submission of the first flight to the OLC system.

Then the possibility of reactivating the Luigi Villa “CLV” Cup, a speed competition that also takes into account the driver’s handicap and allows them to measure themselves and beat even the great champions, is being considered every weekend and holidays of the season.

Finally, the Second ACAO Period curated by Piero Magnaghi is confirmed with numerous initiatives and mini internships at other airports throughout the year.


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