High Performance Stage (SAP) 2024

High Performance Stage (SAP) 2024

ACAO – Calcinate del Pesce (VA) – April 14-20, 2024

In order to allow all glider pilots to try their hand at sport flights (diploma, distance, speed and records) in the magnificent flying terrain offered in spring by the Central Alps, ACAO is again this year making its airport with its organization, means and staff available by organizing the 16th edition of the High Performance Gliding Training Camp (SAP 2024) to be held April 14-20, 2024.

Overlap of flights made in the period of SAP23 with takeoff from Calcinate

The exceptional weather conditions of the flying area (alpine and pedemontana), the facilities of the Adele and Giorgio Orsi Airport, and the organizational capabilities of ACAO are now known to gliding pilots all over the World, and spring flights of high sporting achievement with take-off from ACAO are endless. These include a number of European records, numerous Italian distance and speed records, all FAI badges up to the 1,250 km diploma, numerous flights of more than 1,000 km, including the first 1,000 km in FAI declared triangle with takeoff from Italy, up to flights of more than 1,600 km, the longest ever made in the Italian side of the Alps.

The SAP is dedicated to Italian and foreign sport pilots of all levels equipped with a glider and a valid FAI card. However, participation in the SAP is recommended for pilots who have already achieved at least Silver badge and have good mountain flying experience (participation in other stages and/or competitions and at least 300 km flown in the mountains).

SAP Pilots 2022


Several pilots from the Italian Gliding Team will be present each day of the SAP, in addition to ACAO staff. Although in-flight assistance is not guaranteed, participating pilots will have a constant reference on the ground for any need or advice (flight territory, off-field, wp and task of the day, take-off time and departure of the task, etc.).

Weather briefing will be held every morning with suggestions to pilots on the day’s tasks according to different individual objectives.

Where possible, de-briefings will also be held in the evening or morning of the next day for analysis of flights made and/or to cover topics of interest to sport pilots.

In addition to the flight line, the Volo a Vela restaurant and the ACAO Bar will also be operational all week.


During the week, there may also be opportunities for flights with experienced pilots on high-performance two-seater gliders (Acao Duodiscus and/or two-seaters of private pilots).

To find out about the availability of renting a Duodiscus from the ACAO fleet and the relative conditions of use, contact airport director Alberto Balducci directly (direttore@acao.it). To fly on private individuals’ two-seater gliders, it will be necessary to make arrangements, in advance or on the spot, directly with the pilots who own the glider.


Since the first edition in 2008, the SAP has been designed, organized and conducted by Alberto Sironi with the indispensable support of about 20 collaborators, specialized in the different activities required: organization, promotion, office, tows, deployments, flight line, radio, lecturers and coaches, interpreter, weather forecast, task setting, scoring, bar, workshop, events, photo/video, communication, etc.

Line staff engaged during SAP takeoffs and landings.
Alberto Sironi with airport director Alberto Balducci

Alberto Sironi, Born in Milan (Italy) on 10/09/1965
Graduated with honors in nuclear physics
Relevant Sport Achievements as Sailplane Pilot:
Italian Team pilot, World Team Champion (WGC 2015 13,5 m – Lithuania)
Italian Team pilot, bronze medallist at the WGC team competition (Hungary 2022)
6 FAI diplomas for excellent placings at world gliding championships
8-times Italian Long Distance Champion
10-times Italian Speed Champion
3-times winner of Mediterranean International Championship (CIM)
First Italian Pilot to achieve 1.250 Km FAI Diploma (second in Europe)
Silver and Bronze Medal for Athletic Valor (CONI)
3 continental Records and more then 30 Italian Speed and Distance Records
Creator, organizer and Coach of 15 editions of the most important High Performance Gliding Training Camp in Italy (SAP)
Organizer and/or conductor of numerous webinars dedicated to the training of sport glider pilots.

For several years, foreign pilots have also participated in the SAP, but since the 2023 edition, with the presence of a highly appreciated simultaneous translation service and the participation of a dozen foreign pilots of high sporting level, the SAP has become truly international.

Ultimately, the SAP is dedicated to those who want to:

  • expand their knowledge of the Alpine flying territory
  • increase their speed, particularly in mountain and pedemontana flying;
  • train for participation in speed and/or distance competitions;
  • attain new sport badges or diplomas and, why not, new records;
  • gain significant new flying experience by comparing themselves with experienced pilots;
  • simply dedicate one of the most meteorologically promising weeks in the Alps to flying in the company of friends who share the same passion, in a very well-equipped and organized Club.

Costs and registration procedures

The SAP participation fee consists of a glider fee of € 200,00 and a pilot fee of € 100,00. Pilots who are under 26 years of age at the time of registration receive a discount of 150.00 €.

The current ACAO price list (published on acao.it) will be applied for the cost of tows.


After just two days since registration opening, SAP was fully booked. Pilots who are not registered and still interested to attend SAP, are kindly suggested to register in the waiting list through the form available online here on the right. As soon as places become available, the organiser will inform the pilots on the waiting list in good time so that they can confirm their registration.

Documents and useful links

Confirmed Entries.

24-10-2023MarcuttiPaoloAVRO Osoppo LIKHstd. Cirrus
24-10-2023CaraffiniStefanoAcaoDuo discus
24-10-2023SalvucciGiovanniAeCCVVArcus M
23-10-2023OngaroVivianoCVNE EnemonzoMistral C
23-10-2023van HouweningeMathijsGeZCArcus M
23-10-2023LatimerDavidYorkshire Gliding Club, UKVentus 3M
23-10-2023NicoliEnricoACAOVentus 2 CT
23-10-2023BassaltiAlessandroAcaoDiscus b
23-10-2023AcquaderniAndreaAVF FerraraArcus T
23-10-2023ViettiUgoAeroclub Valle D'AostaASH31mi
23-10-2023EliaSergioValle d'Aosta ASDDG200
23-10-2023RiccardiPaoloACAOVentus 2ax
23-10-2023EtalleSandroAVUT Trento e Bianchetti RietiVentus 3T
23-10-2023ZaccourRolandACAOVentus 2 cxM
23-10-2023FassinaPierantonioCvneDiscus b
23-10-2023LanzieriPaolaParmaDiscus 2ct
23-10-2023BosiCarlo AlbertoAVM VogheraASW20L
23-10-2023RodríguezAldoMáximo PlaneoAsh25
23-10-2023BorgmannErikAAVA VinonArcus T
23-10-2023montauban van swijndregtboudewijnGozcArcusT
23-10-2023gatfieldjonOXFORD GCAS33
23-10-2023VenturiniAndrealuccaARCUS M
19-10-2023PilkingtonDavidHusband Bosworth, UKArcus M


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