Special anniversary in Calcinate

Special anniversary in Calcinate


No, it was not birthday party, it was the celebration of a life devoted to Calcinate and to the gliding sport and whichcontinues in a wonderful way.

The protagonist of the great big party, indeed, the fantastic Guglielmo Giusti, born in 1924.

It has all started in the classroom of the “Second Period”, which Guglielmo has always strongly and tenaciously supported and where the “cork” was removed to a flood of memories, some touching, others heroic, but most of a fun to tears

And then it went on on the airfield and in the sky.

The brave Guglielmo, who had politely declined the invitation saying that he had already flown his last flight, accepted to fly with Alberto Balducci, who sat in the back of the wonderful Duo Discus.

After landing Guglielmo said “eh, maybe I like it, I know that I will try the school!”

Too strong!

At the mega table was attended by a large number of “young men” who made the history of Calcinate a great histoy.

Beautiful exchange among generations which mark the continuity of our Club .


Oru best wishes to Guglielmo ! We’ll see for the 100’s birthday!



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