SGP Varese – Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix 2022

SGP Varese – Qualifying Sailplane Grand Prix 2022

‘Fully booked’ the participation of top national and international pilots in this 11th edition of the Grand Prix qualifier, ahead of the Grand Prix finals to be held in August 2023.

Calcinate del Pesce and the ACAO proved to be a splendid setting for the holding of this spectacular competition, with challenging and selective mountain scenery for days with lots of energy, but at the same time with a foothill strip of good landability that allowed for safe competition practice even on ‘marginal’ days from a weather perspective.

In summary, great satisfaction of the participating pilots and the organization, but also some significant sporting rewards for ACAO, which saw its pilots in respectable positions.

The final rankings can be found on the Soaringspot website ( while other information, some reports, interviews and trivia can be found on the official competition website ( and

Press review at these links:

Volo a Vela e auto storiche: due eventi internazionali per Varese tra ali e motori

Below are some nice pictures from the opening press conference, which was held in conjunction with the historic car event in Varese:

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