End of the High Performance Stage

End of the High Performance Stage

IMG_0783The 2015 edition of the High Performance Stage has come to an end.

The weather has been different from the one of 2014 but the pilots were able to enjoy a couple of wonderful days and many pilots had the chance to fly in the mountains with quite a strong wind , ridge or wave flight with a fantastic visibility and wonderful panorama. Some diamond badges were also achieved.

This year new subjects were faced in class, particularly about nutrition, methods of relaxation and mental concentration and, as usual, a great hind was given to security


Once again pilots could be together for 4 days in a friendly atmosphere, sharing passion for the flight and a strong will to learn and to teach.


A particular thank goes to ACAO, its members and staff for the efficacious collaboration, our NAC for the subsidy, the sponsor The Aerodyne, Alberto Albertazzi, Gianni Maiocchi, Fabio Rocca, Massimo Zottola, Paola Bellora e Chiara Jibeily for the good realization of the stage, the numerous tow-pilots of the 5 tow planes, the 19 pilots participants for the diligence and determination , all the people of the grid Carlos, Paola and Antonia for the fantastic dinner offered by ACAO and above all thank you to the fantastic coaches Margherita Acquaderni, Luciano Avanzini, Riky Brigliadori, Mauro Brunazzo, Corrado Costa, Andrea Ferrero, Paolo Fraenza, Stefano Ghiorzo, Peter Hartman, Ugo Pavesi, Davide Schiavotto, Maurizio Secomandi e Vittorio Squarciafico for being at disposal, patient and willing to teach.


A particular thank goes to Giorgino Ballarati, who for the 7th consecutive year , has given his professional support.


We really hope that all the pilots can bring home a good souvenir of these days and we wish everybody a spring time full of satisfactions!

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