Valbrembo – Stage II Period

Valbrembo – Stage II Period

Flying internship at Valbrembo (weather permitting)

After the beautiful internship in Masera, the Period II group starts again with the new 22/23 season. Our first event will be the usual early season internship, which this year will be in Valbrembo.

Why Valbrembo ?
The new FAI rules for the conduct of the Silver C call for moving away from the release point by 50 km, and just to the east 50 km from Calcinate is Valbrembo; so by flying east all of us will sooner or later be in the vicinity of Valbrembo. The area is affected by Orio al Serio airport, so knowledge of the area and airspace is important.

The internship tentatively is scheduled for Oct. 16 or Oct. 23 ( we will see the weather ) and will be held in collaboration with the local 2nd period group that came to Calcinate last year to familiarize themselves with our airport.

The Valbrembo Club is providing 2 Duo Discus and Two K21s and therefore there will be no need to transfer our gliders (so no cost to share).

Flights will be conducted at Valbrembo rates; payments will be made at the secretariat on site.

  • Towing 500m: 65€
  • Towing 700m: €83
  • Towing 1000m: 112€

Make sure you are eligible to carry passengers and have a valid license. Those who wish to register the flight should bring the updated booklet to Valbrembo and fill it out there.

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