Varese City Cup – Walter Vergani Trophy 2022

Varese City Cup – Walter Vergani Trophy 2022
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The Aero Club Adele Orsi organizes the following speed races entered in the 2022 national sports calendar of the Aero Club of Italy:

  • Varese City Cup – Walter Vergani Trophy (CCV)
  • Italian 20 m two-seater class championship (C.I. 20 m)

The CCV-TWV is a single class handicap race whose results will be valid for IGC Ranking. Participants of Italian nationality with 20 m two-seater gliders will also compete for the Italian 20 m two-seater class championship.

All gliders (single or two-seater, including motorized gliders) are eligible for competition. The handicaps applied to the CCV are as given in Annex A of the National Rules for Speed Races. Should there be enough participants, they will be divided into two groups according to the handicap of the glider used.

Italian National category pilots and foreign pilots are eligible to participate.

The names of the CCV winners will be written on the Walter Vergani Trophy that will remain with the ACAO and will be given outright to the driver who should win 3 consecutive editions of the CCV.

The registration fee is set at €300.00. Reduced registration fee: those who register and arrange the transfer by February 28, 2022 benefit from a reduced registration fee of €250.00.

Registration is open and can be done directly online.


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Elenco iscritti

1Lorenzo Fornari3573.17(1:762.37 2:638.47 3:631.72 4:599.02 5:549.11 6:392.48 )
2Alessandro Bassalti3358.22(1:873.96 2:829.73 3:677.93 4:358.56 5:322.15 6:295.89 )
3Margherita Acquaderni3194.94(1:713.85 2:621.94 3:564.65 4:510.87 5:409.23 6:374.40 )
4Alberto Sironi2754.70(1:702.16 2:546.94 3:503.45 4:393.63 5:328.42 6:280.10 )
5Paolo Angelini2635.54(1:554.41 2:489.22 3:457.91 4:381.77 5:381.18 6:371.05 )
6Emilio Bonzanini2109.79(1:667.88 2:602.44 3:507.41 4:332.06 )
7Carlo Faggioni1751.88(1:542.36 2:479.48 3:424.13 4:305.91 )
8Marco Cassani857.06(1:448.80 2:408.26 )
9Andrea_ Ferrero836.97(1:836.97 )
10Mauro Brunazzo644.06(1:644.06 )


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