CSVVA Championships and Sergio Noce Trophy ed. 2023

CSVVA Championships and Sergio Noce Trophy ed. 2023

The Center for Alpine Gliding Studies (CCSVVA) Championships are composed of the CSVVA Distance Championship, the CSVVA Speed Championship and the Sergio Noce Trophy. The purpose is to promote distance and speed flying among ACAO members, designate CSVVA champions and award the Sergio Noce Trophy.

Valid for flights made by ACAO members taking off from Calcinate between September 20, 2022 and September 25, 2023. The Pilot Holder must necessarily appear among the pilots in the ACAO flight excerpt. Passenger flights (so-called PAX flights with paying passenger) do not apply.

The CSVVA Distance Championship is a single-class handicap race with drivers divided into 4 categories according to experience.

The CSVVA speed championship is a single-class handicap competition in which the 6 fastest flights made by individual pilots are valued.

The Sergio Noce Trophy will be awarded to the pilot who has made the most valid flights with a minimum distance of 50 km (according to the OLC classic rule). In the case of multiple flights of more than 50 km made by the pilot on the same day, only one will be considered for TSN purposes.

The full regulations can be found in the downloadable document at the link given in the box on the right.

The provisional rankings of the 2 Championships (the distance one not broken down by rider categories) are published and constantly updated on the OLC website at the following addresses:



Trophy standings and championship standings (including distance standings broken down by driver category) are periodically updated and posted below.

Awards will be given for each category of the CSVVA Distance Championship and for the CSVVA Speed Championship to the top three finishers. The Sergio Noce Trophy will be awarded to the winning driver only. The awards will be presented at the ACAO’s year-end dinner.


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