Rieti 2022

As usual, a nice group of our pilots participated in the summer races in Rieti.

At the Rieti City Cup: Andrea Faggioni, Roland Zaccour, Mauro Brunazzo, Alessandro Villa, Ugo Pavesi, Costa+Albertazzi, Michele Chiarelli. Andrea Faggioni on the podium in standard class: bravo!

Someone also stopped at the next International Mediterranean Cup competition: in the 18-meter + Open group, Mauro Brunazzo, Gerolamo Ghiringhelli, Ugo Pavesi, Aldo Pigni, Alessandro Villa and Roland Zaccour. In the mixed group Lorenzo Fornari and Alberto Sironi.

This last competition-which closes the 2022 sports season-ended on August 20, with a beautiful award ceremony under the warm light of sunset: Alberto Sironi with Andrea Venturini on the top step of the podium. Well done indeed!



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